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Leadership across Industries

News media & Entertainment

News portals and apps, Media & Entertainment portals and apps, OTT, Mobile TV, Music, Streaming.

Enterprise & IT

ERP, Utilities, HRMS, Planning tools, Data & Analytics, LMS, Enterprise systems, Productivity suites.

Healthcare & Lifesciences

Medical devices, Hospital management systems, Pharma, Wearable tech, Personal healthcare, Fitness, Wellness.

Networks & Smart devices

Telecom, Home automation, Data networks, M2M, IoT, Utilities, Law enforcement, Defense & Border security.

Education & Edtech

Institutions, Portals, Apps, Learning management, Gamified learning, MOOCs, Universities, Learning centers.

Banking & Financial Services

Fintechs, Banks, Insurance, Payments, Wallets, Lending, Trading, Investment, Blockchain, Currencies, Wealth management.

In the news

The mark of great products and services lie in their intuitability of addressing fundamental human needs.

At the cusp of a digital age, our thought behind every new solution built, will determine the direction of our collective future, making it crucial to ideate consciously, ascertain critically and design futuristically.

Our Approach

Who we work with

We work with some of the most amazing people in this world. We are excited to be working with vertical organizations, horizontal teams, fortune companies, start ups, public offices and multinational conglomerates. Together, with our capabilities in Design Thinking and Innovation and our clients’ Vision and Strategic Insight, we are a force to reckon with.


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